Aztec's role in Liverpool housing regeneration

The regeneration of  Liverpool’s iconic Dock area has hit the roof, with help from Aztec Systems….


As part of the City’s £1.6billion residential development programme, to provide some 5000 new homes, a former warehouse in Duke St has been converted into a prestigious four-storey development of four x four-bedroomed apartments on the upper floors, with bars and restaurants below.  The penthouse apartment features a new, 18m (60ft) x 4.6m (15ft) 25° pitch rooflight.


Created using technology from Aztec Systems’ conservatory roof, by Wirral fabricator CRS, the white rooflight has been glazed with opal polycarbonate, to deliver high impact resistance and privacy to the occupants below.


“There was originally a Victorian style rooflight there, which had virtually rotted away. The building, although high, is still overlooked by neighbouring properties, so opal tinted glazing was recommended to combine natural light transmission into the apartment below but still afford privacy,” explained CRS’ Dave Frost. “The customer felt the Aztec roof system was the only solution he could find, in that it assembles easily and quickly, and can accommodate components as large as required for this project. Our only problem was physically getting the parts up to roof level!”


The Aztec conservatory roof system, originally designed and engineered by conservatory fitters to address the common fabrication and installation issues inherent in other roofs, is claimed to reduce on-site build time by up to 30%, and almost eliminate risk of remedial call-backs.


It has a number of unique features, including a one-piece panel support that simultaneously seals the edge of the glazing panel and locks the glazing into the ring beam, twin beads to facilitate installation of glazing panels, clip-on finials and crests, and a structural ring beam capable of spanning up to 6m in a single length- almost double the distance of any other roof system on the market



As well as offering a roof with a raft of unique features, Aztec Systems offers its fabricators unique benefits- including guaranteed areas of work without competition and no business taken direct. As a result, Aztec ( is now the leading independent conservatory roof systems company.