Diversify to enhance profit with minimal outlay!


Window fabricators could add £000s to their annual profit for an insignificant investment, through a new package from Aztec Conservatory Roof Systems.

“It’s a well-kept secret but the set-up costs to fabricate roofs, if you are already fabricating windows, are minimal,” says Aztec managing director Tim Franks. “Aztec’s advantages over other roof systems are that we do NOT require our fabricators to hold ANY stock, nor do we insist on a minimum order quantity. Therefore the capital outlay can be as little as £1000 - or less! “Partnering with us gives the fabricator complete control over quality and timescale against buying a roof in, enables him to add another string to his bow by offering a complete package, and take the financial benefits of so doing.”

Aztec’s package entails providing comprehensive technical training and support on pricing, processing, fabricating and building its conservatory roofs. Uniquely, the company also promises to deliver a protected sales area, refusing to allow any potential competitor to set up fabrication of its system within a 25 mile radius; nor does it sell direct. Aztec accepts orders as small as one bar length, and offers next working day delivery.

The roof system itself has a number of innovative features that differentiate it from others, and which help ensure once fitted, remedial call-backs are minimal. Designed by conservatory roof fitters, specifically to overcome common fabrication and build issues, the system is simpler, and up to 30% faster, to fabricate and then erect on-site. Yet it has the flexibility to accommodate every requirement from a 3m x 3m to the most complex, large orangery. Adds Tim, “We exist to support our customers, not compete against them: the fact many of our customers have been with us for over a decade is strong proof of the high level of service, the ease with which our system can be fabricated, and the business potential and opportunities being an Aztec fabricator offer. As a result, there are now only a few areas of the country available to fabricate Aztec roofs.”

To become an Aztec fabricator, contact Tim on 0151 678 0691, or email tim@aztecsystems.net.