Extra Dimension in Colour

Coloured conservatories are being taken into a new dimension with development of innovative technology at Aztec Conservatory Roof Systems.

Aztec can now apply the same colour and finish through all planes, to every single roof component. All other conservatory roof systems companies use a combination of foiling and spraying, depending on the complexity of the component. As a result, intricate caps, crests and finials are often sprayed and solid in colour, whereas bars are foiled, inevitably creating different tone and quality of finish to the end result, particularly noticeable in woodgrain.

Aztec is offering RENOLIT foils in Cream, Black, Anthracite Grey, Chartwell Green and Irish Oak ex-stock, enabling seamless integration with premium window system profiles. All shades are available in single unit quantities, with no minimum order, eliminating long lead times, and easing customer cashflow and stockholding .

The Aztec process uses state-of-the-art foiling technology, giving a consistent, durable, scratch resistant finish. The design of Aztec’s roof components means every element can be efficiently foiled through three dimensions, even complex crests, caps and finials. As a result, a coloured Aztec roof delivers complete uniformity with every element of the roof perfectly matching, even in a woodgrain finish.

Colour is not new to the conservatory industry. Aztec is adding a whole new dimension: the ability to foil every part, which gives our customers a better product, more quickly.

Other roof systems foil the simpler, PVC components, but the intricacy of crests and finials mean those are spray-painted. As a result, it is impossible to exactly match the hue and finish, giving a solid block of colour, or lack of woodgrain detail. By foiling every part, we deliver unrivalled consistency, enhanced aesthetics to the complete conservatory, and a more cost-effective solution, all available from one source.

The development of the new colouring technology is the first in a series of innovations planned at Aztec Conservatory Roof Systems. The new direction heralds the company’s second decade delivering a quality, fitter-friendly roof system, which remains cost-effective across the spectrum from small domestic installations to conservatories with large span bi-fold doors.