Canal side conservatory

Wirral conservatory fabricator CRS has given a fresh look to a canalside setting, through to the fine detail.


The new owners of a house literally on the banks of the Shropshire Union Canal between Chester and Waverton felt the existing timber and polycarbonate conservatory was showing signs of age, limiting their ability to enjoy their waterside location.


Their solution was to demolish the existing, and replace it with a new glass 4.5m x 3m stretched Victorian style conservatory in light oak finish, the roof of which was fabricated by CRS using Aztec Conservatory Roof Systems conservatory roof.


“The canal was first built at the start of the Victorian era, so using a Victorian style for the conservatory was, in the clients’ view, a fitting acknowledgement of the history of the location,” explained CRS’ Dave Frost. “The proximity to water meant they were loathe to use timber, which would rot, so an aluminium/PVC combination was an ideal solution.


“Aztec’s unique foiled system means that the new roof looks like every detail is made from oak- even the crestings. Aztec is the only system that extends external foiling to every component part: others offer foiled colours, but at most they only include the main structure and ridge cap. Their other elements are painted or use coloured plastic, so you don’t get a true match, especially with a woodgrain finish.” 


The Aztec foiling process uses state-of-the-art technology, giving a consistent, durable, scratch resistant finish. The design of Aztec’s roof components means every element can be efficiently foiled through three dimensions- even the complex crests, caps and finials. As a result, a coloured Aztec roof delivers complete uniformity with every element of the roof perfectly matching, even in a woodgrain finish.


Complete external foiling  is just one of Aztec’s unique features, which combine to make it the biggest independent conservatory roof system on the market. The system was developed by conservatory installers to overcome the common issues faced in fabrication and fitting; as a result, the roof is simpler and faster to create and build- independent testing shows a 30% saving in time in the factory and on site.



As well as offering a roof with a raft of unique features, Aztec offers its fabricators unique benefits- including guaranteed areas of work without competition and no business taken direct. As a result, Aztec ( is now the leading independent conservatory roof systems company

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