Opening the Window for a World of opportunity - Windoworld!

The East Midlands has a new opportunity to capitalise on the growing demand for conservatories.


Mansfield-based Windoworld, already one of the region’s leading window frame manufacturers under the direction of Kevin Hutchinson and Danny Newton, has expanded to now produce conservatory roofs, using the Aztec system.


As a result, customers can source their complete conservatory from one place, and achieve better value in the process: “The Aztec system is unbelievably fitter friendly. It is different from others in that is is self-supporting. It is so simple to put together, and can handle even really complex designs easily. It is more cost-competitive to fabricate too- we didn’t need to invest in any special tooling. We pass our savings on to our customers.


“Our customers will win all-round: they have another string to their bow in being able to offer a full conservatory, and can do so with a system that makes them money,” says Kevin Hutchinson.


He adds, “We work on quality and customer service, which is one reason why we wanted to make our own roofs rather than buy them in. Aztec has the same attitude, to help customers every inch of the way. So if any of our customers have a problem with a roof that we can’t resolve, we know we can pick the phone up to Aztec and between us sort it for them.”


Windoworld ( is the latest window fabricator to go into partnership with Aztec to add roofs and therefore complete conservatories to the portfolio.



Explained Aztec managing director Tim Frank, “More and more window fabricators are appreciating that, unlike any other conservatory roof system, with Aztec all they need is a bit of space. Our system is so simple it requires no additional, expensive tooling. We make no demands re minimum stockholding or order value, we take no business direct, and we guarantee a protected area of operation.”