The versatility of the Aztec Conservatory Roof System allows you to choose any design, be it contemporary or traditional. From the most complex style, to the cleanest minimalist look, your dream can become a reality! Below we have identified the most popular styles for you to browse over.


Victorian-style conservatories give a nostalgic appearance with faceted corners to add character. The design reflects a degree of the ornateness associated with the turn of the century, whilst maintaining the practicality demanded by modern lifestyles.


An Edwardian style conservatory elegantly maximises space, with right angled corners. It combines clean lines with the finishing details that add an air of sophistication to the design, whilst giving you the maximum floor area available within the site.

P & B Shapes

For larger homes, a P or B shaped conservatory continues the nostalgic appearance with enhanced internal accommodation. The bays mirror the architectural styling of many traditional homes, making it the obvious choice where space allows.

Lean To

The description belies the appearance: no “DIY” feel with corrugated plastic roof, but a more contemporary styling for today’s modern homes that maximise space. The uncluttered lines compliment modern house design.


Every home is different, so there are occasions when a different style is required by desire or limitations imposed by the building. We can design a conservatory to meet all requirements, and the Aztec Conservatory Roof System has been developed to easily accommodate any variation on design or scale — from a porch to a swimming pool.